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Susan has provided Noni B with valuable insights of both our core customers and potential customers over the last 10 years. The research was detailed, relevant and useful. It was always communicated to our team in a manner that was simple and exposed the critical issues. If you want to understand your customers, talk to Susan Miller.

David Kindl | Joint Managing Director | Noni B Limited

Susan has worked with the Dymocks team on a number of customer insight assignments and on all occasions she has delivered valuable research with actionable findings. Susan takes the time to explore the aims of the assignment, ensuring that the appropriate approach is taken to deliver the desired learning. I would certainly recommend Susan to others who are looking to conduct their own market research.

Steve Cox | Managing Director | Dymocks

Lucidity’s research gave us great insights into what our corporate clients were thinking. A mix of face-to-face interviews and an online quantitative study yielded high-quality results – not just “nice to know” stuff. Lucidity’s analysis and recommendations and their success in eliciting from our clients specific suggestions for improving our range of services led to a valuable To Do list. Implementing those actions and running with those ideas has paid off handsomely.

Peter Hamilton | Managing Director | Universal Gift Card

I’ve had the privilege to meet and work with Susan Miller as a result of work done by the Lucidity Group in surveying our retail customers across two of our businesses. We felt this initiative was so effective that our company agreed to undertake an employee survey in each business to compare the views from the employee feedback and customer research findings.
The results have been insightful and have assisted each business to look at ways to further improve the ‘customer service excellence’ strategy to our customers. We are now committed in continuing to use Susan’s services and would recommend her and the Lucidity Group to anyone who is looking to improve their customer service offering, without hesitation.

Angelo Tselios | Human Resources / Learning & Development Manager | Exclusive Tyre Distributors Pty Ltd

Over the years, as a research provider, Susan Miller has provided change management support for our organisation which has been both professional and independent. Susan specialises in understanding and managing sensitive issues and real people issues. The service provided has proven cost effective and valuable.  

 Alex Diab  General Manager Human Resources | NSW Business Chamber | Australian Business Solutions Group

Susan managed the employee survey process for Thomas & Coffey Limited for a number of years. She provided guidance in determining the survey structure, then took care of printing, processing and analysis. Great to deal with – and always delivered.

Guy Pearce | General Manager-People | Thomas & Coffey Limited

Susan’s strong marketing background and customer support means she always builds a project from the customer’s perspective, thinking of what matters to her customers, and able to translate the findings into meaningful and implementable recommendations to her clients. In addition, Susan is an excellent project manager. It’s always a pleasure to work on a project with Susan.

Jovita Susatija | International Market Analyst | La Trobe University

Susan Miller became a valuable extension to our small Marketing team. She recognised the idiosyncrasies of the professional hair care market and project managed all aspects of the research study from exploratory qualitative face to face sessions, through the quantitative reporting stage through to the presentation of the final report to our Marketing and Sales teams and Board representatives..all to a very high standard.

Robyn Pitt | Group Marketing Director |  Sabre Group

I would recommend Susan to any organisation that is considering internal or external research as she is highly qualified and extremely skilled in this profession, and is able to work with her clients on an individual basis to ensure the nuances of their organisations are included in any project work. It is for this reason that Susan has been able to time and time again complete research projects that deliver valuable outcomes to help our business.

Phillip Fikkers | General Manager – Human Resource Services/Company Officer | Noni B Limited



In the time we spent together, Susan really encouraged me to see the bigger picture and figure out what was important to me, both in my immediate job, the longer view of my career, and in my life outside of work.

Susan is a compassionate listener. She has a great memory for details, which made me feel like I always had her undivided attention and that she truly cared. She is an expert at taking in what I say, encouraging me to talk, and then extracting from it all the truly important things. Conversations with Susan always leave me with much more clarity, be it on the immediate next step, what I need to prioritize in order to be happy, or on the end goal.

Susan’s breadth and depth of business and life experience allow her to provide an alternate perspective which I found immensely helpful.

Susan and I still keep in touch. She actively reaches out to see how I’m doing and recently came to the rescue in my decision-making process regarding a new role. Susan is both a caring and effective mentor, and I cannot recommend her mentorship highly enough.

Monica | Group Account Director

I met Susan through a corporate group mentoring program, which I really enjoyed and found incredibly helpful. Working one on one with Susan is like meeting up with someone who is genuinely interested in what I value, and who absolutely has my success and happiness as her driver. Susan always seems to know exactly the thing I need to hear at a particular point, she has a myriad of helpful tools at her disposal, but I think her true genius is her empathy and ability to listen deeply and understand where I am in my journey, and helping me to identify what is blocking me or holding me back from reaching for my dreams. In only a few sessions, she has helped me to identify and articulate ideas I’ve been thinking about for years, but best of all to start taking action and get results!

One of the best things for me about working with Susan is that her approach is flexible and holistic – we’re talking about my life, not just my career. Whatever I bring to our sessions, whatever is happening in my life that may be affecting my progress, she takes it all in her stride and we work with that. She adjusts her approach to my style, so if a tool or resource doesn’t work for me she’s happy to try a different approach, and is always interested in ideas I come across elsewhere.

I always walk away from our sessions feeling energised and motivated, and clear about my next steps. Susan is always available on email between sessions, and I know I can ask for her feedback or advice, or even a bit of cheering on when I need it. I think of Susan as a wise elder – and I mean that in the most respectful way – and I’m lucky to have her in my corner!

I look forward to continue working with Susan and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who is looking for a mentor. I am certain she is doing the work she was meant for.

Elizabeth | Project Co-ordinator

Over the past 4 years, Susan has provided me with ongoing wisdom and support during times of change and professional challenges. She allowed me to identify goals, values and long-term career aspirations with useful tools and practical guidance.

Looking back, I can see the benefits of our sessions which have influenced the jobs I have applied for and of the life decisions I have made. Her extensive experience, knowledge, intuition and honesty empower you to take a step back and view your career path objectively.

Susan is someone I will continue to call on for support throughout my career as our conversations have proven to be a great investment for me both personally and professionally.

Angela | Marketing Manager

Susan was recommended to me as a professional mentor by my Manager. At the time, I did not entirely understand what it meant to have a professional mentor.

Susan initially led me to understand what drives me both personally, and professionally. Understanding that these two are inextricably linked was a key learning for me in the beginning. Susan helped me to identify what was holding me back in achieving my professional goals, and gave me insight into my industry from a different perspective. Our company was also going through a critical growth phase, and this experience helped me to face the day to day challenges of change. These skills I have since drawn on in my new role today.

I would not hesitate in recommending Susan as a professional coach or mentor. Susan is approachable, has a wealth of knowledge in the corporate world, and is extremely genuine in her approach to helping you further your career.

Fiona | National Account Manager

Susan was very responsive to participants – a great mentor! She showed a genuine interest in everybody. You could tell that Susan knew exactly what she was talking about and has many years of experience in her field. Thank you for taking the time to mentor myself and the group, Susan – very fortunate to get this opportunity.

Ashley | HR Advisor

Susan’s style and delivery is nice and calm, open and really empowering and encouraging. I liked how she gave examples in her own life where she has used the tools which almost prove that it works and is helpful. I really hope that I have come out of it as a better leader and a better person in whole.

Rachel | Team Leader

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